Zero Waste Initiative BVI & Beyond

Launched at the beginning of 2017 our initiative intends to join community members, business owners and visitors of The Virgin Islands territory in an effort to reduce excessive waste polluting the natural habitat. Supporting each individual in an effort to stay aware of the amount of waste produced on a daily basis. Eventually establishing and successfully promoting the spread of a waste conscious lifestyle. As suggested by popular ‘90s superhero Captain Planet, “The Power is YOURS!”

Zero Waste is defined as a philosophy that encourages the redesign of resource life cycles allowing all products reuse. Similar to the way that resources are reused in nature, where there truly is no waste. With the exception of specific man-made products including single-use plastic items and Styrofoam products which take upwards to 500+ years to decompose, the opportunity to extend the lifecycle of

Our Strategy

Implementing the following routines in preparation for the territory’s first zero waste management facility by 2027:

Reduction – Waste Prevention

Reducing all excessive waste and preventing unnecessary waste is as easy as it sounds. Do you have your own reusable cups or mugs that can be used to reduce single-use product waste? Do you have your own reusable bag to use while shopping? Don’t forget it! Stay present of all the convenient methods that single-use plastic/Styrofoam items show up in our daily lives and REFUSE them.

Recycling – Reuse

If you are able to arrange the setup of recycling pick up in your area, then go for it! Take the initiative where you are to make a change. Remember that all items may be recycled from clothing, shoes, books and bigger items including automobiles, boats and mechanical equipment. Reach out to community members and offer your own items to others who may be in need. Sharing is caring.


Limiting food waste and using organic waste items for compost at all costs. Local compost may then be used for community efforts and farmers alike. Extending the lifecycle and removing the need for organic waste and food waste to end up in landfills or incinerated.

Are you currently using any of these tactics in your everyday routine? Share your stories and pictures with us at!