Leading the Zero Waste Initiative in the British Virgin Islands (BVI), Unity Entertainment joins the ongoing effort to reduce excessive waste from single use plastic items, innovate waste management solutions while advocating for the removal of Styrofoam products, worldwide.

Our Vision

By 2027, Unity Entertainment intends to fund and construct a brand new zero waste management facility in the Eastern Caribbean. A market in desperate need of innovative waste management facilities to assist with tons of garbage produced from a combination of 1.1 million visitors yearly.

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Replanting Project – BirdsCaribbean

12 March 2018

As we head into a fresh spring season full of renewal and regrowth, Unified Events intends to work with the help of volunteers to replant many of the trees and vegetation loss after last years storms. A dual effort to help many of the birds throughout the territory who were displaced from their homes after …

New Year, New Programs!

09 January 2018

Hello and happy 2018 to everyone! Unified Events is currently in the process of submitting our application to become a NPO in the Virgin Islands. Exciting news for our team here! Look out for further details as we launch our Water No Waste program this month!! Joining forces with others as we unite to help …

BVI Hurricane Relief Distribution – Event Cancellation

21 November 2017

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the events scheduled for Nov 11th and 12th were cancelled. We are no longer able to access the donated clothing and shoes received from multiple organizations to distribute for hurricane relief due to government politics. Even after the cancellation, our organization supported the Family Support Network with a $100 …

Raised $100 for BVI Red Cross

08 November 2017

Catch us again on Saturday and Sunday, November 1th and 12th giving out donated relief clothing and shoes at Farmers Village, across from the Flow building. 10AM to 3PM! Portion of funds raised will be donated to the local organization, Family Support Network!

Community Member Clothing Drive

02 November 2017

Unified events will be hosting a clothing drive on Sunday, November 5th from 10am-7pm. We are asking for a $5 donation and a portion of the proceeds will go to the BVI Red Cross. This clothing drive is an effort to aid those in the community who have been affected by the recent natural¬†disasters. Please …

After Irma: Organized Clean Up

23 October 2017

Unified Events has received a generous donation of 10 waste bins from Action Environmental in the NY/NJ area. Most thankful to their organization for supporting our clean up efforts here in the Eastern Caribbean. Our focus now rests on securing shipping for these urgently needed waste bins to the territory. We have reached out to …

IRMA: The Aftermath

20 October 2017

1 Month and 14 days after Irma. Location: Tortola BVI In certain cases, words are not necessary. Visuals of the UNICEF tents at Elmore Stoutt High School, damaged commerical trucks, and the main distribution center in RoadTown, Tortola. Please support our efforts to rebuild our territory. Stay tuned as we partnership with multiple organizations to …

Zero Waste Initiative BVI & Beyond

03 October 2017

Launched at the beginning of 2017 our initiative intends to join community members, business owners and visitors of The Virgin Islands territory in an effort to reduce excessive waste polluting the natural habitat. Supporting each individual in an effort to stay aware of the amount of waste produced on a daily basis. Eventually establishing and …