3 Easy Travel Tips for Winter 2020, Caribbean Style

3 Easy Travel Tips for Winter 2020, Caribbean Style

Travel tips to keep your winter trip to the Caribbean fun and safe!

As the cold season gears up throughout the Northern Hemisphere, a profuse amount of travelers will be vying for the tropics in effort to avoid high pandemic numbers. The Caribbean region has held low pandemic numbers for most of the year and looks to ramp up benefits to those willing to travel and work remotely in a tropical paradise as seen from programs advertised by the Cayman Islands and Barbados. Here’s a brief list of travel tips on your way to enjoy the sandy beaches and crystal clear waters.

Travel Tip #1: Check health requirements before departure.

In effort to keep pandemic numbers low and restrict population spread, countless countries have implemented health screening requirements for incoming visitors. Requirements vary for each destination and we have provided a quick guide on the uncomplicated spots to hit this season. Click the link for more information. Don’t worry if you didn’t take a test prior to your departure, destinations like St. Lucia and Barbados offer rapid testing sites at the international airport for travelers convenience.

Travel, "Bat Cave"
Jeffery Rock, well known as tourist destination hike in the Virgin Islands called the “Bat Cave” can be seen from a recent sea excursion in the Virgin Islands. Known as a popular sailing haven with claims of being 100% COVID free, international visitors will be able to see the shores come December 1st. Tourist heading to Caribbean this winter season would do well to explore the islands via tours and outdoor adventures. Sustainable tourism at it’s best!
Image Credit: Din Hen

Travel Tip #2: Enjoy the outdoors, get back to nature!

Vacationing for longer than one week and need plans to fill your itinerary? Why not schedule outdoor activities like kayak tours, paddleboard yoga and take a evening stroll at an outdoor beach party. Getting back to nature offers a triple benefit by adopting practices that respect our surroundings, while protecting the environment and also minimizes negative impacts to the region.

Travel, Loose Mongoose
Fresh, salt-filled ocean air abounds in the Caribbean. Why not take advantage by dining out doors? Seen above is the fully revamped Loose Mongoose restaurant, located in Trellis Bay on the eastern tip of Tortola. Image Credit: Din Hen

Travel Tip #3: Make sure to take a dip!

Travel Tips, Virgin Islands
According to the CDC, there is no evidence that SARS-CoV-2 spreads through water contact. So please make sure you hit the beaches while you are on vacation. Sea water has a natural healing effect. Soaking for 20 minutes will restore the human body to it’s pH balanced state.
Image Credit: Din Hen

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