Partner With Our Community Service Program This Summer!

Partner With Our Community Service Program This Summer!

Filled with gratitude for the additional hands that joined us on the pineapple farm, Sunday May 2nd. Student volunteers from the Seven Day Adventist school received three hours of community service in New Bush, Tortola. We are ecstatic to partner with the SDA school to offer this garden volunteer program!

True wealth is seen from the abundant use of trees and replanting fruit trees for human and animal consumption throughout the Virgin Islands is an initiative we are proud to push. Support habitat biodiversity in the Caribbean region through a sponsored contribution! We welcome fruit donations, gloves, birdfeed and garden tools to strive forward this summer. Contact us today for details.

Student Volunteers
Above, students mix mulch and soil in preparation to pot eight lime seedlings on Sunday. Image Credit: Conserve Caribbean
Lime Seedling Community Service
Active participant, Lisse, holds her lime seedling prior to potting. Image Credit: Conserve Caribbean

Eternally grateful to our first partner, BirdsCaribbean for donating funds to launch the replant program in the Virgin Islands. As we battle the Pearly-eye thrasher (trussie) from eating the farm harvest, our team will hang several birdfeeders on our next farm visit scheduled for Sunday, May 16th. Join us!

We look forward to collaborating with local businesses to further the replant initiative as an active summer season arrives in the coming weeks. Pictured below, garden volunteers use team work to fill mulch throughout the New Bush Farm.

Garden Volunteers Community Service
Volunteers used a conveyer belt system to transfer mulch to weeded areas in the pineapple patch. Image Credit: Conserve Caribbean

As always your presence is appreciated! Thanks in advance for the continued support of our community-led programs here in the Caribbean and US regions. Always extending thanks to our donors, partners and volunteers.