Need BVI Entry? Caribbean Travel Expert

Need BVI Entry? Caribbean Travel Expert

BVI Entry Guidance Available for Incoming Visitors

Ready to ditch the snow for a Caribbean getaway? Need instructions to travel well through Nature’s Little Secrets? Let us arrange your BVI entry. Below are instructions to navigate travel approval and health screens required on arrival to the Virgin Islands. Shared for your benefit. Travel well to paradise!

BVI reopened borders to international visitors on December 1st, allowing no entry through seaports until January 21st 2021. Inside view of brand new airport testing facility, where passengers receive PCR (nose swab) on-site.
Sign, BVI Entry
Promotional signs displayed above, decorate sterile testing site. Travelers must complete immigration and customs forms, and additionally, pay $175 USD fee for GPS tracking monitor. Assigned taxis finally deliver individuals to their 4-day quarantine location. Please remember to pack patience as you travel!

However, Methods to Limit Spread Need Tweaks.

Tracking, BVI Entry
Are tracking devices truly necessary? BVI GPS locator slipped off easily on Day 1. A better system is needed. Maintain required quarantine rules for community safety. Tracking devices and mandated quarantine are reactive methods used in the Caribbean region to combat pandemic spread.
Testing, BVI Airport
To sum up the process, BVI arrival will eventually be streamlined, through repetitive actions and continued trial and error. Built within the last few days, the facility’s modern design displays large glass windows and inviting grounds. appeal to a new future for travel.

Territory access has been difficult for some but we’ve discovered ways to make your passage a smooth sail. Important to note: Stay flexible! Systems are new to operators. Have patience as setbacks may happen. Remember “island time” is the reality. Here are 3 travel tips for your Caribbean vacation to prepare mentally.

After being whisked away to assigned quarantine destination, food and provisioning must be arranged. Staying longer and need a visa extension? Let us assist! Reach out today for a free consultation! BVI #: 1284-496-0969

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