The Good, Bad and Ugly – Relations that Win!

The Good, Bad and Ugly – Relations that Win!

Got Relations?

Connections are imperative for positive relations, business and personal. The people we meet may often launch our minimal existence toward grand paths. But how to structure a relationship that is good for all involved? Simple answer really. Focus on a win-win partnership. Our managing director shares authentic details on forming bonds while building a regional Caribbean nonprofit.

The Good: Ensure connections are good for all!

Unified Events, founded in 2017, received initial sponsorship from private donations. Corporate UK law firm Walkers Virgin Islands insured rewarding community clean ups the start up year. Volunteer programs have been on a roll ever since! We have partnered with a multitude of organizations in the Caribbean and US regions. The good? Knowledge gained through experiences and the perseverance to push forward even when prior attempts turned out disastrous.

First corporate donor meeting for community clean up initiative
Location: Walkers Law Offices, Road Town Tortola, Virgin Islands
Photo Credit: Din Hen
Pictured: Jordan, Kymani and Jaylen spent one hour collecting trash on Cane Garden Bay, Tortola in June 2017. The start of “Beyond the Beach Clean ups” community-led events to support the natural environment. Photo Credit: Din Hen
Momentum attracts attention! Larger foundations reached out to partner with Unified Events for 11 clean ups in 2018. The group above is in Anegada, Virgin Islands. Photo Credit: Din Hen
July 2018 clean up with MALE BVI in Handsome Bay, Virgin Gorda sponsored through larger foundations. Photo Credit: Din Hen
August 2018 Clean with MALE BVI in Great Harbour, Jost Van Dyke. Youth stand near their collected plastic items. Photo Credit: Din Hen
Such a joy to share these moments. Greatly appreciate MALE BVI for their constant attendance and hard-work! Their organization has such an uplifting message.
Photo Credit: Din Hen

The Bad and Ugly: Ending Relations!

Every coin has two sides. Learn when each relationship has reached an end point. Mentors are recommended but not required for expansion. While establishing Unified Events, founder, Dinelle Henley, avid conservationist and consumer service expert, accessed a part time position at local Virgin Islands nonprofit as office administrator. The eight month stint provided free CPR/AED training, a basic and necessary life skill. The time also tested personal limits and on October 1st, 2018 she submitted a resignation letter to president of the organization. Unfortunately, the superior rejected her resignation and encouraged her to continue on in the admin role. In a few weeks during a hectic event celebration, Dinelle was asked to leave due to lost funds. The bad? Not standing firm on a crucial personal decision. Trust that when it is time to pull the plug, as ugly as it may be, always follow through!!

October 2018, Road Reef, Tortola Virgin Islands. Organization’s private celebration for blessing new nonprofit vessel. Focus on win-win relationships with every partnership or contract. Sure fire key to success. Photo Credit: Din Hen

Winning Days for All!

Appreciate trials by taking time to reassess what your mission is. Whether in your organization or personal mission, clarify that statement. Then stand firm and embody your goals with effective action. Life is filled with moments, you decide if they are good or bad. Share a good, bad or ugly experience with us in the comments or via email. Looking forward to hearing from our visitors!

Thank you for supporting Unified Events. Without you we are nothing. Sending joy and many thanks to all donors, partners, supporters, and volunteers!