Why Not Scrub Island? 3 Tips on Securing Quality Summer Interns

Why Not Scrub Island? 3 Tips on Securing Quality Summer Interns

Leadership through Entrepreneurs

July led to two great new additions and a peaceful weekend trip over to Scrub island with long time advisor & donor, Dr. Baptiste visiting from Louisiana.

Firstly, join us in sending thanks to both Akeelah and Dillion for consistently showing up at our summer intern program launched July 2021. With a goal to instill fundamentals for entrepreneurs with a heavy focus on youth leadership, our program has been off to beautiful start.

Interns are paid weekly wages and have several duties ranging from drafting professional letters and resumes to watering the plants or harvesting okra from our nursery in Huntums Ghut, Tortola. Hence check out our tips to secure interns for your business or group:

3 Tips For Quality Summer Interns

  1. Search Close: This summer a variety of individuals are seeking part time work and though we did advertise for the positions via social media, our interns happened to be youths that we have previously worked with in the past. Akeelah previously participated in floating lessons with Swim Carib!
  2. Be Patient: Our interns are young adults, ranging from 12-16 in age and have not worked professionally, so having an organized task list helps both us and them complete their daily tasks. Be willing and ready to answer lots of questions!
  3. Stand Firm: Structure is necessary in any business environment, even in the most casual of spaces. Interns should arrive at scheduled times, ready to work and learn. If not, they are sent home. Stand firm on the rules set and offer the young leaders the respect they deserve.
Summer Interns
Sending appreciation to Akeelah, 13, who spends two days weekly learning business operation skills including product pricing, cashier duties and social media marketing.
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Paid Interns
Dillion, 14 our second intern this summer also lends a hand on Wednesdays and Fridays by cleaning and counting produce, running errands and watering plants.
Image Credit: Conserve Caribbean

Book a Retreat to Scrub Island!

Scrub Island Pool
Marina houses several Dream Yacht Charters for families and groups that are heading out on leisure sails around the 50 small islands and cays throughout the Virgin Islands territory. Image Credit: Conserve Caribbean

Sitting on a 1.6 mile stretch with 230 acres of prime real estate filled with 13 villas managed by Scrub Island Resort, Spa (closed, unfortunately) & Marina this gorgeous private island is a must-see stop for all who visit the Virgin Islands.

Don’t you deserve a seamless weekend getaway? Clear views from snug balcony at Scrub Island Resort & Marina Image Credit: Conserve Caribbean

The visit was sponsored by our dear friend and donor, Dr. Baptiste, who’s traveled to the Virgin Islands several times. This trip was a brief mental health & wellness getaway due to all the stress in the health industry.

She’s blessed Unified Events several times, donating our first Nikon D3000 DSLR camera for event photos back in 2017! Nor can we forget her generous iPhone donation, allowing us to operate in both the Caribbean and US regions. We will always remember our foundational donors who lift us to higher levels. Surely, we need each other to move forward and the support is highly appreciated.

Need help booking at Scrub Island or interested in securing the local rate for a weekend visit? Contact us today and let us simplify your Caribbean travel!