Young VI Farmers Get Rollin’; Animal Friends and Food For Sale

Young VI Farmers Get Rollin’; Animal Friends and Food For Sale

Young VI Farmers Get Started

Awesome to see the younger generation out in the fields farming, planting and organizing for their lively hood and that of the community. Beacons of inspiration during these transformative times in our Caribbean region.

Below check out photos from our visit to the Callwood Pig Farm, located in Cane Garden Bay, Tortola.

Callwood Pig Farm
Had a chance to journey with “Papi” to Brewers Bay where we collected two 15 gallon buckets of food for these little ladies. Image Credit: Conserve Caribbean

During these challenging times we do hope everyone is focused on being loving and respectful towards each other. Give individuals the space and free will to live life as they see fit, without reprimands and judgement. Though death is a natural part of life, celebrating life through family legacies are a positive way to keep upbeat! Remember time shared and beautiful moments together to help us all appreciate the loved ones that are no longer with us.

Caribbean Pig Farm, VI Farmers
Three little piglets are what young VI farmers, “Papi” and Deemy Callwood are starting their operation with this summer. Image Credit: Conserve Caribbean

Food Security Starts with Us

Below view pictures from our small garden in Huntums Ghut, Tortola. Dedicated groundskeeper, Mr. Samuel, maintains these petite grounds each day. Last week we reaped two pounds of okra to sell at our local shop front.

VI Farm in Huntums Ghut
Groundskeeper Mr. Samuel weeds and waters a small garden plot in Huntums Ghut Tortola. Image Credit: Conserve Caribbean
Garden Farmers in VI
Spinach, corn and okra abound throughout the land area, shaded by mature banana trees. Image Credit: Conserve Caribbean
Ashley, The Rooster
VI Farmers
Ashley is one of Mr. Williams, father of Alex and Cassidy from Two Williams in a pot, farm pets. We appreciate the visit to our office for a quick photoshoot.
Image Credit: Conserve Caribbean

Finally, as a community, the need to center on full body health and wellness is becoming increasingly prevalent. There is no one shot or simple cure all for complete wellness. Personal health must be a consistent practice! Which includes introducing more fruits, greens and water into daily diets. 20-40 minutes of exercise five times weekly will drastically improve your mental and physical health in dramatic ways. Don’t forget to get outdoors and enjoy the gorgeous surroundings!