500+ Mangroves for Virgin Islands Initiative

500+ Mangroves for Virgin Islands Initiative

Excited to share recent updates with our followers! Received 500+ mangroves (Rhizophora mangle) to restore Virgin Islands coastal shorelines. Many thanks to American Airlines and Silver/Seaborne for their diligence in getting these babies in from Florida. Below are pictures from their temporary ecosystem to support holistic propagule (seedling) growth.

Crafting a mini mangrove ecosystem in a 50 gallon Rubbermaid container. Substrate used includes sand, coral, sargassum seaweed and brackish seawater from Sea Cow’s Bay restoration site. Image Credit: Din Hen
A work in progress, more water will be added as we seek a filter to maintain oxygen levels in this 50 gallon aquarium. All 500+ mangroves will be replanted in the Virgin Islands territory. Stay tuned for event date announcements!
Image Credit: Din Hen

The idea to create this mini ecosystem sourced from Greg Jones youtube channel. Permanent mangrove replanting will commence late November/early December in the Virgin Islands. Our awesome local volunteers will receive instructions soon! Thanks to BirdsCaribbean, Bonnet House Museum & Gardens and our countless contributors, who are the foundation of this shore restoration project.

Thanks for reading! We encourage you to sign up in advance for volunteer planting sessions here! For these outdoor events, social distancing will be respected for the safety of all participants. Family friendly events help promote sustainable conservation.

Looking forward to planting with you all!

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  1. Michael says:

    So pleased to hear of this, the British govt treated you appallingly hooe everyone is coming to terms with what happened abd can start rebuilding their lives.. When we can we’ll be back