Wrap up 2020 by Giving; TLC’s Food Drive 2018

Wrap up 2020 by Giving; TLC’s Food Drive 2018

Tortola’s Ladies Club: Consistent Givers in the Community

As we step into the 2020 Holiday season, trends like #GivingTuesday are gaining traction as organizations focus on meeting fundraising goals during an unsure year. It’s important to shine a limelight on those who have done their best to help, not only this year, but consistently like the Tortola’s Ladies Club active in the Virgin Islands since 1981! How are you giving this 2020 holiday season?

Food Drive, TLC 2018
Excited to spotlight Tortola’s Ladies Club. A powerhouse group of individuals, consistently raising thousands of dollars for local Virgin Islands nonprofits, including funding for Family Support Network, an organization that works with domestic violence survivors in the BVI.
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A welcoming and genuine fellowship that holds monthly luncheons to discuss ways to improve nature’s little secrets. Giving through food drives or “Dancing Under the Stars” gala, which raised $33K this year for FSN.
Previous managing director of Roadtown Wholesale, Guy Strickland, congratulates the ladies on a job well done! 2020 has been a difficult year for individuals who have lost jobs and loved ones during the global pandemic. This holiday season we intend to donate and volunteer with several organizations! Stay tuned for further updates!

Give Your Time and Volunteer!

Give 2020, Plant A Tree
Certainly looking forward to seeing volunteers give back to the community at our Garden Volunteer Series in a few weeks! Registration is required and space is limited so sign up today!

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