Rich Origins; Plant Cashew and Papaya Trees On Saturdays!

Rich Origins; Plant Cashew and Papaya Trees On Saturdays!

Fruit Trees for All

Always extending gratitude to generous donor BirdsCaribbean for supporting our efforts to restore the local for avian and humans. By planting local indigenous trees from cashew, coconut, coco plums, papaya, and tamarind we ensure food security for generations. A rich legacy to leave!

Freshly planted Cashew (Cherry) tree from Saturday’s rescheduled planting on, February 27th 2021. Location: New Bush, Tortola
Mulch Papaya
Natural mulch from a fallen coconut tree is used throughout the garden for planting.
Papaya Tree
Small Papaya tree planted on Saturday during our Garden Volunteers session. Lend a hand this weekend and plant a fruit tree! Hope to see you there.

A wonderful weekend on the farm with Shallom! Due to the rain and event rescheduling, our volunteer count was low! Still thankful for all that our two person team was able to complete. Several hours were spent weeding, cutting young trees to make room for the cashew and papaya seedlings pictured above.

Took a quick break from planting for fresh Tamarind from a tree nearby. A nutritious snack, filled with three times the Vitamin C found in an orange! It’s almost Tamarind time here in the Caribbean region, stay on the lookout for Tamarind stew and local juice.

Join us this Saturday as we plant to restore the local habitat until April 2021. Sign up here! Thanks again for your continued support of our community events!

Pretty Purple flowers turn into sweet local pine! Stay tuned, it’s almost Pineapple time!

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