Official Not-For-Profit in The Caribbean And US Regions; Support Today!

Official Not-For-Profit in The Caribbean And US Regions; Support Today!

Celebrating Our Not-For-Profit Status

Thankful for our Certificate of Registration to operate in the Virgin Islands! Sending lots of appreciation Ms. Callwood and Ms. Penn within the Non-Profit Organizational Board who assisted with this lengthy process from May 2020! Looking forward to working with other Caribbean based not-for-profit organizations as we all head into an active spring season. Reach out directly using the contact us form, if your organization is willing to collaborate to further Conserve the Caribbean.

An organization that runs solely on donations, grants and occasional government assistance, transparency is a major rule for continued success. Help us cultivate and propel sustainable communities in the areas in which we operate, by supporting through monetary donation <—-Link here or sign up to volunteer for upcoming Garden Volunteer sessions <—–Link here!

Caribbean not-for-profit
Unified Events is a registered not-for-profit in the Virgin Islands territory since May 2018. Unified Events Inc. is a federally tax exempt, 501(c)3 public charity since May 2020. All contributions are tax deductible and easy to make via Paypal or CashApp platforms.
Sunday Swim
Our young swimmers in the Virgin Islands enjoy a Sunday fun-day. Teaching ages from 6 weeks old to 60+ years. Come Swim with us!

Our Caribbean not-for-profit generously offers one free swimming lesson to all, children or adult, that signs up for the Swim Carib initiative. Water safety is an essential life skill. Sign up today or learn more here.

Your presence and support is always appreciated! Thank you for reading!

Not-For-Profit Water Safety Instruction
Akeelah, 12, heads in to the shallow Brewers Bay beachfront to practice treading water. Hope to see you on the beach!

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