Our Gardens Need You; Help By Signing Up Today!

Our Gardens Need You; Help By Signing Up Today!

Brewers Bay Fruit Garden

Garden volunteers series has launched! Join us these next several months as we enlist friends and family to support local farmers through service. Our gardens need us! Plantings will be held at several locations throughout the Virgin Islands, so stay tuned for one near you! Below are shots from Brewers Bay, Tortola where farmer Shalom guided us through his prickly-pineapple fields. Jeans or heavy duty work pants are a must for those who plan to join! This sweet treat doesn’t come easily!

Garden Needs, Pine
This pineapple field has produced fruit for 30 plus years! We are thankful to have this marvelous land plot as one of our garden plants for two Saturdays in January 2021. Register via Eventbrite to lend a hand and support. Because this garden is expanding and needs range from weeding, clearing spaces, to planting pine slips and other fruit trees throughout the acres. Surely you’ll come plant with us?!
Garden Needs, Pineapple
However, there is plenty room to expand on this small garden plot. On Saturday (December 26th) we planted 10 pineapple slips and one soursop seedling on the land. Above is a close up showing two freshly planted pineapple slips. Local farmers need your help. Gardens need your valuable service. Will you pitch in a few hours this January?
Nevertheless check out how the pineapple, pumpkin flower and plantain share space, easily.
Caribbean Garden Bounty
Clearly, the brewers bay garden definitely needs more hands to collect harvest! Passionfruit, soursop, one little pine and a sapodilla, hidden under the passionfruit pile, were gathered while on the farm plot.

Therefore, Brewers Bay garden is one of our favorite locations and has been featured throughout the blog this year. A direct connect for farmers feeding communities with individuals willing to lend valuable service hours. Will you make time to give back? As always, Unified Events promotes family friendly activities for all ages so bring the whole crew! Remember, our gardens need you!

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