Brandywine Bay Clean with YEPBVI a Victory!

Brandywine Bay Clean with YEPBVI a Victory!

Conspire to Clean Brandywine Bay Beach

Cleanliness is a key value at Unified Events. The state/quality of being clean or kept clean is universal understanding. Which then extends into our surroundings, including community and areas we congregate. Back in 2018, our team worked to conduct 11 community clean ups known as Beyond the Beach Clean ups throughout the Virgin Islands to gather plastic for recycling. The events grew and we connected with over 200 hundred volunteers through these clean ups. Praises to all the volunteers and partners at YEP BVI, M.A.L.E. and Green+CleanVI for this event held on December 1st. View the pictures below and check the coordination!

Brandywine Bay, YEP
Along with our friends at the Youth Empowerment Programme, better known as YEP, Green+CleanVI and M.A.L.E were our collaboration partners for this Saturday joint clean on Brandywine Bay Beach. In the above picture, YEP volunteers receive gloves and collection bags in preparation.
Brandywine Bay Beach Before
Brandywine Bay beachfront bathroom area, covered with used plastic and Styrofoam takeout from an overturned litter bin. The beach, once a rumored destination for Disney Cruise tours, is often disregarded as a “park and eat” beach throughout the week.
Brandywine Bay Litter
Used containers cover natural foliage throughout the more than 1 mile beach stretch.
Brandywine Bay Beach, YEP
Led by YEP staffers, student volunteers collected debris and separated plastic, glass and cans in red 30 gallon bins pictured below.
Brandywine Bay, Volunteers
Volunteers collect an ample amount of plastic containers and glass bottles.
Collected Plastic
Julie, owner and director at Green+CleanVI, quickly arrived to pick up collected plastic bottles for recycling. Key timing for the amount of items collected.
Collected Items, Brandywine
Also pictured above M.A.L.E mentor and youths speak with Mr. Lewis about waste collection.
Brandywine Bay Beach, Clean
Finally, after several attempts please enjoy our winning group picture! Volunteers were filled with enthusiasm for this project and we are thankful to them for being the change in the Virgin Islands community.

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