Visit Ostrich Land; A Must See Along the California Coast!

Visit Ostrich Land; A Must See Along the California Coast!
Ostrich Land Sign
Well known as Ostrich Land USA, this 33-arce ranch is home for 100+ ostriches and emus. Entry is only $5 for adults and $2 for children under 12 with a bowl of feed for $1. Lots to experience while traversing this outdoor animal park, view shots below.
Child, Ostrich Land
Emus share the ranch area with their larger ostrich relatives and are less aggressive of the two. Seen above, a male Ostrich eats pellets from bowl held by younger visitor. Great location for families to visit on the way t0 Danish capital of America, Solvang.
Ostrich herd
Visitors are able to feed these creatures at multiple areas on the ranch using provided food bowls and pellets. Which go quickly as these grand birds weigh up to 320lbs. An easy road trip to visit Ostrich land takes three hours from Los Angeles and an additional hour from San Bernardino County, where we recently explored a native garden within a national forest.

After Ostrich Land, Visit Danish Capital of America, Solvang

Solvang, Ostrich Land
Mask signage on display throughout downtown Solvang.
Solvang, Ostrich Land
Finally, shots of downtown Slovang along Highway 246. A quaint, themed town filled with chocolate shops, Belgian cafés and a popular farmers market. Founded in 1911 by Danish immigrants, the windmill seen above is a testament to their architecture.
All images were captured by Din Hen.

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