Explore Peter Island, Youth Tour Private Treasure

Explore Peter Island, Youth Tour Private Treasure
Peter Island, Explore
Darrell, 10, and DeAndre, 8, seen above gaze out towards Peter Island on a small exploration trip this past weekend. The two brothers are avid swimmers and quite familiar with sailing as their father is frequent scuba diver. On this educational trip to explore Peter Island, they shared that this is their first time on a boat this big!! Image Credit: Din Hen
Peter Island, Snorkel
Destiny, 15, and Darell, the stronger swimmers, were able to snorkel freely around the boat and surrounding waters. Plenty of marine life on display throughout the coral-filled waters. The youths received a chance to steer the vessel on the 30 minute ride over from mainland, Tortola, learned about neighboring islands and took awesome photos of the anchored barges that dot the “highway.” Image Credit: Din Hen
Explore Peter Island
With only 7 passengers on boat, our small crew headed out with snacks and lunch for a picnic after a few hours in the water. Boat captain, Kelly and 1st mate, Dennis are not pictured but spent several hours cleaning the barnacles located on the vessel’s hull. Attracting marine life for the children to view while snorkeling.
Explore Peter Island by sea today!
Image Credit: Din Hen
Peter Island Explore, Youth
Youngest crew member, Dmori, 2, spent an hour “diving” from the boat directly into the warm sea water. All ages are welcome for swimming lessons. Check out more here. Would you like to explore Peter Island with us? Use the contact form for further details!
Image Credit: Din Hen

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