Caribbean Properties – 3 Simple Ways to Manage Your Vacation Space

Caribbean Properties – 3 Simple Ways to Manage Your Vacation Space
Flemming Place - Tortola, Virgin Islands
Multiflex property, commercial downstairs with a 2 Bedroom/2 Bath upstairs – Flemming Place is a marvelous space right at the bottom of Joe’s Hill, Tortola.

Offering affordable rentals in the Caribbean region is a mission statement that we support fully at Unified Events. Caribbean properties are top priority! This post is a huge thank you to all the property owners that we have built relationships with in the last five years. The journey has been unbelievable!

McNamara Hillside - Caribbean Property
McNamara Hillside 2 Bedroom is almost completed, with a gorgeous view that looks out over Road Town Harbor.

Are you dealing with vacant property rentals in the Virgin Islands territory? With yacht charters and sailing trips marketed so heavily, we offer short term rental hosting via internet platforms Airbnb & Vrbo to secure additional income for property owners seeking alternatives to long term rentals.

Huntums Ghut Apartments
4 Unit apartment building located in Huntums Ghut, Tortola receives upgrades.

Caribbean properties are a hot commodity as we head into an active travel year as pandemic restrictions let up and international travel kicks up a notch for 2022. Spring break, a huge holiday for travelers in the US region, will arrive in less than five weeks.

Are you ready to step up your empty space for incoming guests? Check out our quick tips on how to manage your Caribbean property as a short term rental!

Tip 1: Always get Professional Photos Done!

Water Front Villas
Water front Villas in Tortola – we hope to list them on Airbnb in the upcoming weeks (Conserve Caribbean Image)

This tip does not seem important but a picture speaks a thousand words and professional know exactly how to capture your target market’s interest. So make sure you pay the few hundred dollars or allow Airbnb to source a local professional photographer to secure your space in the best light.

Tip 2: Connect with a Host or Build Your Account on the STR Platform.

Build relationships with property experts who already have hosting privilege’s on popular rental platforms like Airbnb, Expedia and even Trip Advisor – as many guests scour through reviews prior to booking their Caribbean property before their vacation. Building your own account takes a few months but is a good solution if you intend to self manage your location.

Tip 3: Be Upfront and Easy to Contact!

The Cottages steps from Brewers Bay Beachfront are two 2 Bedroom/1 Bath short term rental units.

When you have a guest who is scouting your Caribbean property prior to their family vacation, or group conference – do your best to communicate all that you can about the space, location and area.

This helps to set the tone and make your clients feel more comfortable prior to their initial arrival. Some guests don’t mind that the space doesn’t have any hot water and are looking for something cheap and convenient. Some clients are seeking luxury villas with pool access and waterfront docks. Do your research and appeal to your target market.

Are you seeking help managing your Caribbean property? Let our team be of service! We offer several solutions that will help bring additional income. Contact us today!

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