Pine Harvest on Service Sundays, Join Us in June!

Pine Harvest on Service Sundays, Join Us in June!

As we finish out our community service hours for the month of May, view photos from today’s pine harvest! Below Mikei and Keryan toss a ripe pineapple across the prickly patch as they work together to load fifteen gallon buckets with the succulent fruit. Pineapple season lasts until late July here in the Virgin Islands. Make sure to stop by before the season ends!

The garden service sessions are beneficial to student volunteers and local farmers in the Virgin Islands region by providing consistent labor as well as agricultural experience for all involved. The team works together to problem solve in the field and finish minor tasks including photography. Huge thanks to Mr. Pete Smith for his consistent presence and determined effort.

Pineapple Toss Harvest
Student volunteers toss pineapples to each other during our 3rd Sunday community service. Image Credit: Conserve Caribbean
Pineapple Joy
Joined in the pine fields by medical consultant, Mellissa Preville, our small group collected seven buckets during this pine harvest. Image Credit: Conserve Caribbean
Din Pine Harvest
Dinelle hauls a bucket filled with BVI black pineapples sold for $3 per pound throughout the Virgin Islands. Image Credit: Conserve Caribbean
Pineapple Wall
48 hikers from local tour agency, Hike BVI, placed a huge dent in our collected pineapples as seen above. Image Credit: Conserve Caribbean

Community service returns on June 6th! Sign up in advance via our contact form. Appreciate the support from the Virgin Islands community. Pineapples are selling faster than we can harvest! Thanks for the love!

Until next time.

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