Sunday Visit to Sapphyre Farm in Anegada, Virgin Islands

Sunday Visit to Sapphyre Farm in Anegada, Virgin Islands

Hello all! Excited to share details from a recent visit to the lovely homestead of Mr. & Mrs. Faulkner in Anegada as they granted us a full tour of Sapphyre Goat Farm & Garden. The lush roadside garden is a site to see! The yard space is overflowing with golden passionfruit, hefty papaya and Nubian goats. We are so thankful for the time spent exploring this outstanding farmstead. Check out videos and pictures from the tour below.

Make sure you reach out directly to order fish, goats or passionfruit via email: or contact Mrs. Leona Faulkner for orders.

Breadfruit Seedling
Breadfruit springing up on the Sapphyre Farm. With a simple irrigation system and a 1000 gallon tank, the Faulkner family produces several pounds of fruits and Guinea corn for flour.
Sapphyre Farm Garden
Guniea corn is harvested and milled right on the farm, but due to the extensive work, this special flour goes for $20 USD for a 1lb bag! It’s definitely a hot commodity here in the Caribbean region!
Fisherman by birth, Mr. Wilford Faulkner, shown in the above video feeding his decent sized crop of Nubian breed goats. The entire family helps with the homestead which includes their three children, Juliana – 9, Matthew – 7 and Timothee – 6 months.
Pure Anegada
Pure and untouched western coastline of Anegada.
After the farm tour, we headed Sid’s for a delicious lunch and a sea soak! 0

Want to lend a hand on a farm with us? We’ll be assisting Farmer Shallom this Saturday and Sunday for our Garden Volunteers series as we plant avocado and banana trees in New Bush, Tortola. Contact us today to sign up at 284-496-0969. Spots are limited! Sending loads of appreciation to our friends, readers and supporters. You all inspire us each day!

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