Captivating Water Front Villas – AirBnb Opportunity?

Captivating Water Front Villas – AirBnb Opportunity?

This week while climbing for coconuts, we received the chance to take a stroll through these lovely water front villas near Sea Cows Bay. Recently purchased by local business owner, we are quite interested to see all the gorgeous improvements and renovations happening at this space.


Water Front Villas Dock
Steps from the pool, guests can hop out on the dock for a half day sail.
Villa fruits
Fruit trees planted on the grounds include banana, pineapple, mango, papaya and coconut trees on the beachfront.

Fully functioning, secluded and near bustling Road Town, these villas would be prefect to generate revenue via AirBnb using the right host (AHEM)!

Local businesses supporting each another is the goal. We’re big fans of Bobby’s Market, even after receiving a rejection for sponsorship in the past. Everything happens as it should though. Staying open for alignment this year!

Why not build your own beach? An magnificent addition to these private water front bungalows.
Villa Water Front Protection
Kept mangroves as natural barriers and even planted sea grape trees for water front protection.
Natural Barriers
Freshly planted sea grape trees line the back of the mangroves on this elegant water front villa.

As conservationists, it’s beautiful to see a property owner using the natural foliage to support the shores and the planting of local sea grape trees as barriers. A creative touch that benefits both the landscape and the eco-system.

Cactus Landscape
Mini cactus are used for colorful decoration for the courtyard area.
Coconut Climbing
We were literally right next door hunting coconuts, so why not take a look around?

Thankful as always for our favorite farmer taking us on a tour to see new sights and fill up on coconut water! The simple things are the most important. CIAO!