Community-led Trellis Bay Clean – May 2018

Community-led Trellis Bay Clean – May 2018
Volunteers help clean up debris on the Trellis Bay beachfront in the Virgin Islands.
Photo Credit: BVI Beacon
Volunteers received a free BBQ lunch for lending a hand during the clean up. Mr. and Mrs. Mark Lavezzi did a wonderful job assisting our troops.
Photo Credit: Din Hen

Did you know our volunteers helped clean Trellis Bay in 2018? Documented by journalist, Claire Shefchik for the BVI Beacon, we give thanks for the connections that allow us to beautify this gorgeous Caribbean habitat.

Volunteers on lunch break after two hour long clean. Photo Credit: Din Hen
Selfie at lunch time! Pictured is faithful youth leader Megan Wilson. Trellis Bay May 2018. Photo Credit: Din Hen