Caribbean Cannabis; Economic Revitalization

Caribbean Cannabis; Economic Revitalization
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Image Credit: Din Hen

As tourist destinations globally struggle to ride the downward spiral from effects of the pandemic, the Caribbean region may profit largely with legalization and Cannabis decriminalization. The state of Colorado was the first in the US to sell more than $1 billion in legal cannabis. The West Indies region would see large economic gains by becoming leaders in the cannabis agriculture and production industry. Why not tap into this natural stimulus?

The Organization of Eastern Caribbean States would benefit from an introduction to the Cannabis Global Initiative. A consultation on how to fast track amendments that will regulate cannabis sales like alcohol throughout the Caribbean islands. Wanda James, pictured below, is the first African American woman to hold a licensed dispensary in the red hot cannabis market.

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Wanda James, activist and black licensed dispensary owner, Simply Pure located in Colorado, United States. As managing partner at the Cannabis Global Initiative, her presence inspires forward progress here at Unified Events. Image Credit: Wanda James
Flower and tea batches will be harvested and delivered for healing purposes. Stay tuned for further updates. Image Credit: Din Hen