Come Get Your Local Pineapples at the Pine Patch!

Come Get Your Local Pineapples at the Pine Patch!

Finally thrilled to share that local pineapples are ready for harvest! This weekend on the farm in New Bush, our volunteers all received pineapples to take home after spending four hours planting fruit trees on the lands surrounding the pineapple patch. Check out details here!

Farmer Shallom harvests local pineapple at his farm in New Bush, Tortola.
Image Credit: Conserve Caribbean

Farmer Shallom is receiving our assistance to track pineapple tonnage this year for better recordkeeping. Delighted to be of service!

Unified Events Services is excited to partner with Caribbean region farmers to provide agricultural business support. By connecting farmsteads with updated accounting, produce tracking and technical training to increase food security in the region. Systems are easy to maintain and simple to understand, with quarterly reports which show pounds/tons and costs per produce sold. Secure grant funds with better records! Contact us now for more information.

Pine Patch
Shot from Pine Patch at the beginning of March. Can you count the pine you see?
Image Credit: Conserve Caribbean

In the Virgin Islands and interested in visiting the Pineapple Patch to harvest your very own local pineapple? Reach out today to schedule an appointment. All are welcome to this charming farm. Thanks for supporting local farmers and our not-for-profit. Your presence means the world to us! Continue to do more and waste less in your community!

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