Mangrove Habitat Restoration in the Virgin Islands

Mangrove Habitat Restoration in the Virgin Islands
Mangrove habitat, Caribbean
Here we are restoring a local mangrove habitat! Many thanks to the Callwood family, owners of the Callwood Rum Distillery for allowing red mangrove habitat planting on their tropical, untouched grounds. The pond area located in Cane Garden Bay, is an active ecosystem for migratory neotropical birds who fly down yearly during the winter season. Image Credit: Din Hen
Mangrove habitat, Tortola
Second planting site for mangrove habitat restoration, shown above, is a small islet covered with red mangroves, buttonwoods and sandy coral shores, along the coastal edge of Tortola. Over 240 propagules were planted throughout this area, which will be monitored by our preservation crew as we grow to conserve on a long-term scale. Image Credit: Din Hen
Mangrove Habitat, Cane Garden
The third planting site, shown above in Cane Garden Bay, did not receive active planting. Our team works diligently to acquire the rights to preserve this mangrove habitat for restoration. We look forward to partnering with the United States Fish and Wildlife Service to secure this area for conservation purposes! Image Credit: Din Hen
Mangrove Habitat, Plant
Finally, please note these sessions are community-led mangrove planting and we need YOU to continue! Contact us today to for December planting events! Thankful to the local and international partners who helped make this planting a success, including the Ministry of Natural Resources, BirdsCaribbean, Bonnet House and IUCN. Still have 200+ mangroves to plant in the Virgin Islands! Stay tuned for further updates.
Image Credit: Din Hen

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