Virgin Islands Mangrove Restoration Update 2022

Virgin Islands Mangrove Restoration Update 2022

This Virgin Islands Mangrove update is only a few months late, bare with us please!

Ever thankful to host this awesome project, where we collaborated with Bonnet House & Vizcaya Museums in South Florida. Volunteers sourced 500+ Red Mangrove propagules to plant in the Virgin Islands, as a community effort to restore lands battered from high impact winds in 2017 storms.

Caribbean Mangroves
Red Mangrove planted during Replant Virgin Islands Mangrove restoration project, November 2020.

Learning from the failures of others was key. Moving forward our goal is to secure a better greenhouse system to track the growth of the young propagules. Also permits or land rights need to be acquired for future planting. Makes no sense to conduct research on land that isn’t protected for conservation purposes. Which will allow future generations the freedom to enjoy these necessary green spaces.

Mangroves in PVC
Previous agency’s attempt at Mangrove PVC planting near Manuel Reef, Tortola.
Shipped in from Fort Lauderdale and doing quite well in their new surroundings!

Mangrove eco-systems are beneficial areas for avian and humans alike. So obviously our support of these projects remains strong. This year we have plans to continue shoreline restoration and food security by planting 5,000 coconut trees throughout the Virgin Islands territory.

Mangrove Islet
Cracked and broken PVC pipes remain around islet where our Replant Mangroves planting took place.
Red Mangrove Propagule
Red Mangrove propagule shoots up from sand mound.

Yes, 5,000 coconut tress. You read that right.

Details soon to come on how to volunteer with us as we kick off this exciting new initiative!