Safe US Travel, A National Forest and Volunteering this 2020 Winter Season

Safe US Travel, A National Forest and Volunteering this 2020 Winter Season
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Current US travel numbers are updated daily, showing those using air transport. US airports remain open and ready as essential responders and families head in a cautious 2020 Holiday season. Image Credit: Transportation Security Authority

Explore 680,000 acres of San Bernardino National Forest

2020 was filled with air and road trips, as we traveled safely from Harlem, New York, all the way to dry and high Southern California. Between long hours on the road and departing airports, hiking has become a recurrent past time, accessible and cost effective for families searching for entertainment. Our suggestion for US travel this 2020? Get outdoors, nature never fails! Theme parks return for the winter, with Disney World open in Orlando! On the west coast? Visit San Bernardino National Forest for waterfalls and explore the native plant garden.

Bonita Falls, Travel
Bonita Falls located in Lytle Creek is a 400 ft. high waterfall located in the San Bernardino National Forest in southern California. The area is rough terrain with no clear trail markers, other than the frequent graffiti which decorates the entire area. A creative way for individuals to leave their mark! Image Credit: Din Hen
Moth Nursery, Travel
The Ranger Station has a native plant garden that visitors may explore with a wheelchair accessible path for access to those with disabilities. Above a Yucca Moth suns on the marron flowers in the Moth Nursery. Image Credit: Din Hen
Graffiti Cove, Travel
Graffiti covers the entry way to the cave, seen above, one of several that surround the falls. A family friendly hike that is approximately 1.5 miles through the San Bernardino National Forest grounds, managed by the USDA Forest Service. Volunteers routinely cover the tags, remove trash and destroy illegal campfire rings. Check out volunteers below!
Image Credit: Din Hen

Volunteering this winter? Try the USDA Forest Service

USDA Volunteers, Travel
Volunteers routinely partner with the USDA Forest Service to accomplish goals.
Find out more at the USDA Forest Station in your area. In the Southern Florida area and would like to lend a hand? Contact us today!
Picture credit: San Bernardino National Forest

Consequently, those traveling into the United States are not required a COVID-19 test. Free testing sites are scattered nationwide with most locations serving clients outdoors, seen below Fort Lauderdale testing at Mitchell-Moore Park, offer results within 48 hours so travelers may stay well this winter season.

Testing, US Travel
Broward County testing location in Fort Lauderdale, Florida offers quick and simple testing, free of charge. Stay safe and travel well this winter! Image Credit: Din Hen

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