Visit Carrot Bay & Pick Your Own Mangoes at King Ghut!

Visit Carrot Bay & Pick Your Own Mangoes at King Ghut!

Hike Carrot Bay Mountain

This week has been quite eventful! Extending a heap of thanks to the operators of King Ghut Farm in the cozy village of Carrot Bay, Tortola. Operator, Rasta Fari, pictured below collecting mangoes gave an extensive and informative tour of the six acres farm grounds.

Thankful to partner with local community farmers here in the Virgin Islands to do our part to improve food security in the Caribbean region.

Carrot Bay Mangoes
Elder Rasta Fari in a 60+ year old cottage mango tree, one of the few mangoes that birds eat. Image Credit: Conserve Caribbean
King Ghut Stand in Carrot Bay
King Ghut operators pictured above, grow an abundance of mangoes, peppers, egg plants, banana, breadnut and sugarcane which they provide to local markets.
Image Credit: Conserve Caribbean
Carrot Bay Mountain side
Carrot Bay mountainside is filled with farmers producing abundant, seasonal crops. Image Credit: Conserve Caribbean
Carrot Bay Farm Grounds
Wooden Shanty allows the farmers to camp out on the farm grounds to get an early start each day. Image Credit: Conserve Caribbean
Whole Foods; Tropics
King Ghut produce now sold in Road Town, Tortola at our store front! Catch them on Fridays at Noel Lloyd park with several types of mangoes for sale.
Image Credit: Conserve Caribbean

We must thank all the beautiful folks that stop by and support our fruit stand! Thankful for the Virgin Islands community for the continued support.

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