Propagules – FL Transplants, Bloom On 6th Month Follow Up

Propagules – FL Transplants, Bloom On 6th Month Follow Up

We’ve been overdue for a check in! The flourishing shoots pictured below are red mangrove propagules transplanted from Bonnet House Museum in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

These single reproductive specimen are released by the parent to then germinate into a new version of the organism. Unlike seedlings which require fertilization. Simple to root, these Rhizophora mangle were collected August 2020 and received six to eight weeks “rooting” time after being air shipped to the Virgin Islands.

Transplanted propagules are now 6 months old.
Leaves are bountiful on this double set, planted without any artificial protection.
Failed PVC Propagules
Another agency’s failed attempt using pvc pipes to restore mangrove habitat in the BVI. Image Credit: Conserve Caribbean

Volunteers collected over 500 propagules for planting, but only one hundred red mangroves were placed throughout this marshy islet near Duff Bottom, Tortola. Using a method sourced from Vizcaya Museum in Coconut Grove, Miami, propagules are placed straight and held with dried coral pieces, wood or rocks. An efficient way to secure natural growth patterns for red mangroves.

Many thanks to contributors BirdsCaribbean, SBA, and USDA-NRCS for funding Replant Virgin Islands mangrove habitat restoration. Finally, a special thanks to Ms. Linda at Bonnet House Museum & Gardens who set us up on the grounds to collect as many propagules as we could find!

Vizcaya Propagules
Thousands of shoots cover Vizcaya grounds in Miami, Florida.

In the Virgin Islands this summer? Join us for plantings from May until July! Not in the islands and would like to lend a hand? Donate today via paypal to support this beneficial biodiversity initiative.