Weekend Watersports in Brewers Bay and Cane!

Weekend Watersports in Brewers Bay and Cane!
Akeelah Swim
Akeelah, 12, practices treading water in Cane Garden Bay, Tortola
Weekend Volunteers
Participants head from Brewers Bay Park unto the beachfront after garden session on Saturday, February 6th.

Always extending appreciation to the volunteers and supporters who make each and every event GREAT! This weekend in Brewers Bay our small group took a tour of the garden and we must mention that all volunteers should wear JEANS or long pants to protect from the pineapple leaves which are prickly!

Weekend Garden
Consistent supporter of our events and business owner, Tara Naval received two fresh bunches of green bananas on gardening session. Join us on the 20th!

Register for our 2nd gardening session in Brewers Bay here! So thankful for all the love from the Brewers Bay community this weekend. A special shoutout to Dr. Robin Tattersall who celebrates his 90th year and shared what a difficult year 2020 was with the passing of Mrs. Marsha Tattersall in February 2020. We ask that you keep him in your thoughts and wish him well as he stays surefooted this year. He’s well-loved and a prominent member of the Virgin Islands community.