Caribbean Fruits & Produce

Caribbean Fruits & Produce
Sweet fresh Mamey (Sapodilla) collected in New Bush, Tortola
Photo credit: Din Hen

Absolutely loving Caribbean fruits and produce!! This week Shallom previously introduced as the Pineapple Man, shared a candy-like fruit known locally as Mamey or Sapodilla. Grown throughout the Caribbean and Central America, the produce is used as a main ingredient for commercial chewing gum. A genius idea for such a sweet treat.

A bountiful harvest awaited as we gathered pineapple, pumpkin and soursop to haul, load and take directly into town to sell at Bobby’s local market. Have a favorite Caribbean fruit or produce not mentioned? Please share in the comment section! We love to hear from you.

Shallom harvesting in a field of pineapple. Location: New Bush, Tortola
Photo Credit: Din Hen
Shallom began planting in 1980 when he returned to Tortola at 24 years of age. He now harvests produce yearly including banana, coconut, guava, okra, pineapple, pumpkin and soursop. Location: New Bush, Tortola
Photo Credit: Din Hen

Check out community plantings coming soon to the Virgin Islands region. Follow our Instagram for updates! We look forward to planting a tree with you!

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