Nature’s Bounty; Tropical Fruit Trees in the Caribbean

Nature’s Bounty; Tropical  Fruit Trees in the Caribbean

One of the prime reasons to live in the Caribbean? The abundance of tropical fruit trees that litter the landscape. Take a peek below at what’s in season as the islands transition into Fall.

First up is the Golden Apple (Spondias dulcis), a tropical fruit tree found in the South Pacific, Caribbean and Latin America regions. This young tree is officially rebounding from hurricane devastation in 2017. Once harvested, fruit will be mashed and blended for a natural smoothies. Image Credit: Din Hen
Above, sea grape trees bare tropical fruit for those who enjoy the tangy taste. Have you ever tried this scrumptious treat? Share your experience with us below!
Image Credit: Din Hen
Next, tropical banana trees in different growth stages. Look out for Fruit tree planting in the next few weeks as volunteers Replant the Virgin Islands. Also families may receive fruit tree donations for your yard or garden. Register here! Image Credit: Din Hen
Consequently, Unified Events is redirecting cash to local farmers by refraining from shopping at large retailers like the North West Company, Canadian operators of Cost-U-Less and RiteWay Markets in the Virgin Islands. Today makes 105 days of the dollar ban! Support local farmers in your area. Browse through the Friday Farmers series and stay tuned as more locations are added! Local calaloo and cucumber fresh delivery! Image Credit: Din Hen

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