We’re Open! UES Satellite Office for Professional Services

We’re Open! UES Satellite Office for Professional Services

Let Unified Events be at your service. Need a job application completed? Business plan drafted? Passport renewal? Stop by the UES satellite office space across from the Burial Grounds at the bottom of Joe’s Hill and get your documents in a hurry! Would love to advertise your business on our media platforms. Need more information and in the Virgin Islands? Call our office line at 284-496-0969. In the US region? Contact us today at 929-370-6855.

UES Advertising
Photos posted on Unified Events Google My Business site receive frequent traffic. We can
help you attract fresh, new tenants.
Mount Healthy Apartment
Property owner listing: Convertible 3 Bedroom Apartment unit for $2800 monthly. Perfect for an extended vacation or contract work in the Virgin Islands.

Advertise your business or property in front of our 220K website viewers. Registration is stress-free and allows time for other tasks! Walk-In to the UES satellite office today to find out how to reach a bigger audience and potential customers!

Affordable Housing
Property owner listing: Semi-furnished three (3) bedroom unit leasing immediately is spacious and hidden in the country side, overlooking Fahie Hill.

Thank you for reading! Make sure to support local farmers throughout the territory by shopping on site (farmsteads) or at pop-up markets during the week. Your presence is appreciated!