New Bush Pineapple Farm Compost Methods + Plant Food Virgin Islands!

New Bush Pineapple Farm Compost Methods + Plant Food Virgin Islands!

Composting on the Pineapple Farm

Plenty to do on the Pineapple farm these last few weeks in preparation for harvest time! As seen in the photos below from a recent visit, weeding and composting has been at the top of the to do list.

Pineapple Farm Compost
Guinea grass is dug up and placed in between the pineapple plants to catch water and limit further weed growth.
Guinea grass, coconut palms and shells are placed in between Pineapple plant rows to help reduce weeds and trap water.

Farmer Shallom brings coconut palms and shells to place throughout the pineapple farm, to help keep weeds down. This natural compost breaks down into fertilizer while retaining water throughout the fields.

The pineapple farm operates with no irrigation system other than rainfall, so natural compost methods help to secure moisture throughout the acre.

Farmer Shallom shows off hefty Jackfruit on his grounds. Known as a “miracle healer” jackfruit is a delicious and beneficial fruit to add to your families diet.
Banana Trail
Rows of bananas will be ready for picking in the next few weeks!

New Bush Pineapple Farm has partnered with Flemming Place to offer fresh local produce right in Road Town. Green bananas, Jackfruit and Pineapple will be available for purchase daily while in season. Stop by

Flemming Place Market
Flemming Place Market located at first floor sells fresh local produce daily from 8AM until 6PM.
Brewer’s Bay beach is a must after a successful farm day!

Stay tuned as Service Sundays return from April until June 2022. Student volunteers can maximize hours and collect sweet treats on the farm from 8AM until 10AM.

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