Putting Avocado & Banana Slips in the Soil This Weekend!

Putting Avocado & Banana Slips in the Soil This Weekend!

A striking week in the Caribbean! As the Soufriere volcano rocks the island of St. Vincent, the resilience of our region is in clear view. Beautiful to see organizations like World Central Kitchen on the ground distributing food to those who have not evacuated from their homes. With ash covering crops, animals and water sources in St. Vincent and Barbados, food security in the Caribbean region must be at the forefront of the conversation. Join us as we plant avocado and banana trees right here in the Virgin Islands.

The Bajan Farmer shares pictures from his crop in Barbados after Soufriere volcanic eruption. Image Credit: TheBajanFarmer

This weekend our crew will be planting fruit trees in New Bush, Tortola. Delighted to see several avocado seedlings placed in the soil for future generations by youth leaders. Student volunteers will assist with planting the slips and creating trellis walls in the garden space. We welcome any community members who are interested in joining us for this two-day session. Please note that our time has changed! To beat the sun, we will meet at 7AM until 10AM! Requesting volunteers to wear jeans/long pants this weekend to stay safe while traversing through the pine patch!

Banana Bunch
Banana slips should bear fruit within 16 months once planted on Sunday. Check out these fruit filled trees from Cane Garden Bay, Tortola. Image Credit: Din Hen
Avocado from seed may take anywhere from six to ten years to bear fruit. Image Credit: Nature Garden
Avocado & Banana Plant
We look forward to seeing you this weekend! Image Credit: Conserve Caribbean

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