Please Help Rishab Jain if You Can!

Please Help Rishab Jain if You Can!
Rishab Jain – 15 year old son of volunteer Simple Jain, is in the intensive care unit awaiting double kidney transplant. Donate here.

Please if you are able, donate any amount to help with kidney transplant for young Rishab, the son of Simple Jain, a supporter and volunteer at Unified Events.

Simple Jain on our group trip to Anegada, Virgin Islands on May 29th. After a layoff due to community crisis (COVID-19) she keeps busy selling seedlings from her beautiful backyard garden. Photo Credit: Din Hen
Simple’s nursery located in Cane Garden Bay, Virgin Islands. Photo Credit: Din Hen
Seedings for sale! Checkout the broccoli sprouts, mint and spinach ready for planting in these shots. Photo Credit: Din Hen
Tomatoes, pumpkin and green pepper seedlings sprouting in Simple’s nursery. Please donate any small amount if you are able to. Many thanks to all! Photo Credit: Din Hen

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