Planting Together: VI Volunteers Wanted!

Planting Together: VI Volunteers Wanted!

Volunteer tree planters = the foundation for Replant Virgin Islands initiative. As we gear up for summer months, our team looks forward to continuing the Replant Virgin Islands initiative. BirdsCaribbean, our initial sponsor, has encouraged volunteers to support Caribbean avian by planting a species mix at selected restoration sites. Private/public sessions will be available with announcements coming this week!

Volunteers plant to celebrate Martin Luther King Service Day, January 2020

Here’s a quick flashback from Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend. Unified Events managing director participated in a community-led tree planting. Hosted by the Citizens Committee to Save Elysian Park, LA Conservation Corps, City Plants and the LA Parks and Recreation Department. Definitely a feel good event. Volunteers planted 70 trees before lunch time! Check out details here.

LA Corps Volunteers securing newly planted evergreen seedlings to wooden stakes. Each freshly planted tree received 15 gallons of water after mulching.
Elysian Park, Los Angeles California
MLK Service Day Photo Credit: Din Hen
A few trees were hammered into the soil, tall metal poles are used by the LA Corps Volunteers to pound them down.
Elysian Park – Los Angeles California
MLK Service Day Photo Credit: Din Hen
Lime energy, strengthens small businesses through efficient electrical services. The company volunteers were energetic, pleasant and animate. A pleasurable experience. Plant more trees!
Photo Credit: Lime Energy twitter

In the Virgin Islands? Our rescheduled plant a mangrove event will be announced in June. Your presence is appreciated!

Not living care-free in the Caribbean? It’s all good, host your own planting with a few friends. Organizations like Urban Harvest in Texas or the New York Restoration Project offer tips and advice on neighborhood cultivation. Please share in the comments or email us with any environmental or conservation happenings on your side of the globe. We relish the chance to lend a hand. Stay inspired!!

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