Local Produce Sales Booming; Seize Client Services – Effective Immediately

Local Produce Sales Booming; Seize Client Services – Effective Immediately

Local Produce Market Revitalized

Local Produce market renovated
Flemming Place, seen on the above left, sustained roof and window damages during Hurricane Irma September 6, 2017. Four years later, lower floor is now used as a commercial space. Image Credit: UES
Local Produce - Virgin Islands
A commercial storefront providing business services and local produce.
Please call 496-0969 for further information.

Clearly, September is here as today marks four years recovery after Irma. We celebrate by giving thanks for maintaining during peak harvest months as avocado, guineps(Spanish lime), okra and soursop flourish throughout the land. Our plot has offered 13lbs average weekly okra since late July. A 65lbs total yield for the season. Local produce sales are moving fast and furiously! Extending thanks to our relationships with farmers, plantations and vendors – The Farm House, King Ghut Plantation, New Bush Farms, The Governor in Greenland, Eddy’s Green Scene, and Prestige Café to name a few. Even received thyme from the grounds at Balsam ghut. Evidently, demands for local produce is high! Let’s continue to stimulate the agriculture industry by supporting local food producers. Check out this grant opportunity with World Central Kitchen and apply if you qualify.

Small Garden/Nursery Produce
Okra sprouts provide close to 13lbs weekly to sell at Flemming Place shopfront.
Image Credit: Conserve Caribbean IG
Dry Coconuts
Flemming Place is a sustainable market that sources items directly from farmers/producers in the Virgin Islands. Image Credit: Conserve Caribbean
King's Ghut Plantation Produce
King’s Ghut Plantation grounds, located on the Carrot Bay hillside. As seen above, operators planted banana throughout this trellis rock structure for drainage.
Student volunteer, Jade, 16, in the pineapple patch earlier this spring during Brewers Bay Community Service.
Image Credit: Conserve Caribbean IG

No Longer Accepting Walk-Ins

Although there is a high demand for immigration services, our client load is has become overwhelming. Unified Events Services must pause all walk-in services effective immediately. Your patience is appreciated and thanks are extended to all our clients that have recommended our services near and far.

Surely, learning through experience is what we’re here to do. The data collected from the last five months will help craft improvements to Caribbean migration for digital nomads. Remote work gains popularity as 11 island nations create initiatives to attract long-term residences as entire families shed large cities for blue waters and iconic beaches.