Spread Cheer, Volunteer! Reminisce with Agri-Paradise in Virgin Gorda

Spread Cheer, Volunteer! Reminisce with Agri-Paradise in Virgin Gorda

Join Us for the Garden Volunteers Series!

Agri-Paradise VG, Garden Volunteers
Before diving into the hard work completed by volunteers at Agri-Paradise VG, take a second to support our upcoming Garden Volunteer Series in the Virgin Islands. Register here for first and third Saturdays, each month until April 2021. Not in the area? Your donations are greatly appreciated and tax deductible! Paypal, CashApp are the easiest ways to help ongoing operations. Sponsored through funding from BirdsCaribbean and Small Business Economic Grants distributed by the Government of the Virgin Islands.

Agri-Paradise VG Flashback From Clean Up December 2018

Flashback Friday, Virgin Gorda
Student volunteers received a complimentary trip to Virgin Gorda through our partners at Parley. Destination? Agri-Paradise VG via Speedy’s with a brief meet up at the dock for a few pictures before our departure!
Agri-Paradise Debris
Our group of 11 volunteers helped load the large truck pictured above from Department of Waste Management. Our aim to remove debris from hurricane damage in 2017 from the Agri-Paradise VG farm site, while saving any usable wood or steel for reuse.
Agri-Paradise Greenhouse
After two hours of intense labor, volunteers had a chance to relax and tour the Agri-Paradise VG greenhouse, taste greens, have pizza at Leverick bay and even dessert at Yum Yums!
An event to remember!
Agri-Paradise Clean
Agri-Paradise owners, Arringdell and Triston Creque have owned and maintained the previous poultry farm since 2013. Pictured with volunteers at Virgin Gorda landfill for debris drop off.
Leverick Bay, Agri-Paradise
All praises to our student volunteers who put in a ton of effort at this clean! Many thanks to our partners at Agri-Paradise VG, Blue Taxi Services, Department of Waste Management and Pulse VI for making this event a success! Thank you for visiting the site. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date!

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