Exploring the Long Bay(s) of the British Virgin Islands

Exploring the Long Bay(s) of the British Virgin Islands

Lately, the water at local favorite, Cane Garden Bay, hasn’t felt fresh on the skin. Which could be due to the large amount of sailing boats that release waste in the harbor or sewage run off from residing community. In effort to stay healthy, while still enjoying the benefits of the sea, presently the solution has been to avoid heavily populated spots and hit less frequented beach areas. Thus bringing us to Long Bay(s), as there are two here in the Virgin Islands territory.

Below are shots from a recent visit to Beef Island, a tiny islet that hosts the only airport in the BVI. Clear waters that hardly see major traffic from the large scale boats, Long Bay beach is dotted with natural vegetation, including buttonwoods, mangroves and sea grasses. Be sure to keep your eyes open for stingray and jellyfish as you swim!

Long Bay - East
Long Bay, Beef Island is awesome for a soak but watch out for the jellies!
Long Bay - East Rock Formation
Rock formation through out Long Bay, Beef Island water front. The local government plans to make the area into a marine park. No residue left on skin after a swim in Long Bay, Beef.
Long Bay - West
Views from roadside offer only a sprinkling of coconut trees and an abundance of beachfront grasses. Our volunteers will plant coconut trees along beachfronts this fall. Stay tuned for further details!
Long Bay - West
West End tends to be deserted most days. Locals and tourists past this half mile beachfront to hit hot spot, secluded Smugglers Cove.

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