Introducing Exceptional Volunteers – Meet Judith Williams

Introducing Exceptional Volunteers – Meet Judith Williams
Volunteers in Anegada
At Unified Events, we particularly aim to propel local communities. Judith Williams, our exceptional volunteer, leads by example, consistently offering her vitality to events in the Virgin Islands. Judith and Simple, pictured above during exploration trip to Anegada future solar power site. Besides providing noteworthy service at retail development Tortola Pier Park, Judith definitely stays moving as an active member of local church, God of Prophecy.
Image Credit: Din Hen
Judith Volunteer
Before recent Anegada trip, exceptional volunteer Judith chaperoned June 2018 clean. Collaboration event between Anegada Tourist Board Office, ActionQuest and Unified Events. Joint groups removed debris and plastic left from tragic storms in 2017. 40+ remarkable volunteers, seen below, completed the goal. Young volunteer and Judith, pictured overhead celebrating successful clean with beach time. Know the beachfront shown? Hint: A short walk leads to wooden styled club. Image Credit: Din Hen
Volunteer Anegada
Pictures from Anegada clean up June 2018. Image Credit: Din Hen
Exceptional Volunteers
Before starting, groups were assigned designated areas to clean. Blue plastic tiles, shown above, were in complete disarray from storm winds that battered the settlement. All hands were on deck as volunteers neatly stacked and removed the tiles. In roughly two hours, youth volunteers received community service credits for their time.
Image Credit: Din Hen
Volunteers Anegada 2018
Volunteers organize plastic tiles that were scattered about the reactional field. June 2018. Image Credit: Din Hen
May Volunteers
Furthermore, a mother to three young men, Judith invited Serena, 13, along for day trip to explore sister island territory. The ladies are shown upon Smith’s Ferry for an early sail to Anegada. Her willingness to volunteer makes Judith an impactful and admirable member of the team. Born in culturally rich Jamaica, it’s an absolute pleasure to spotlight human beings like Judith, who pump life into our organization. Thank you for reading!
Image Credit: Din Hen