Top 3 Caribbean Escapes; Easy Travel for Winter 2020 Getaways

Top 3 Caribbean Escapes; Easy Travel for Winter 2020 Getaways

Here’s our quick list of top 3 Caribbean escapes (and one to avoid) as you gear up to beat the snow this 2020 winter travel season.

No. 1 Discover Natural Dominica
Top 3 Caribbean Escape, Dominica
Yachts pictured moored throughout harbor in Newtown, Dominica. Known as the Nature Island, Dominica is at the top of our list for easy travel during 2020 pandemic conditions. Rapid PCR testing on arrival, limited five (5) day quarantine before additional testing, help visitors maintain a “generally” normal vacation after receiving medical clearance. Costs and travel advisory details here. Image Credit: Din Hen
No. 2 A Pure Grenada
Top 3 Caribbean Escape, Grenada
The spice filled island of Grenada is the second choice of top 3 Caribbean escapes. The Pure Grenada slogan fits the country well as their Ministry of Health and Tourism departments have set up simple travel processes for PCR (rapid) testing and only a minimum four (4) day quarantine required. Travel advisor and consultant, Mellissa Preville, shown above during a previous visit to the colorful shores.
Image Credit: Mel’s IG Page
No. 3 Let St. Lucia Inspire You
Top 3 Caribbean Escape, Rodney Bay St. Lucia
Gorgeous St. Lucia, is third on our list of easy Caribbean travel escapes. Open to international visitors since June 4, 2020 with no COVID related deaths and only 27 active cases, the island is a must see this winter. The commonwealth country lists a streamed lined system to support the local community and ensure visitors remain safe. The IGY Rodney Bay Marina, pictured above, is a luxurious spot to relax with unlimited amenities.
Image Credit: Din Hen

Avoid: Variable Virgin Islands (British)

Caribbean Escape, Virgin Islands
Despite the actions taken by other Caribbean countries, Cane Garden Bay, shown deserted above, in the Virgin islands may remain empty to tourists for a while longer. After repetitive government lockdowns, unreasonable curfews, exuberant quarantine fees and no rapid PCR testing (1 hour or less) for arriving guests, the British Virgin Islands struggles to reopen for international visitors. Initially scheduled on September 1st, conflicts with inconsistent planning leaves the isles as the one to avoid until official opening, December 1, 2020.
Image Credit: Din Hen

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