Calabash Bowls and Red Mangroves; Photos from Tortola

Calabash Bowls and Red Mangroves; Photos from Tortola
A weekly update on Virgin Islands farmers, natural sustainable items and a picture of Red Mangroves progress.
Calabash Bowl, VI
Newly made Calabash bowl, engraved with date, used mainly for eating and traditional celebrations for indigenous people, worldwide. The green gourd will harden and turn a chestnut brown. A sustainable travel keepsake with many uses. Image Credit: Din Hen
Calabash Bowl, Coco-Eye
Rastafarian, Coco-Eye, says it took several hours to scrap clean the calabash in order to produce the bowl above. Present each Friday at his makeshift stand in front of Bobby’s Local Supermarket in Road Town, Tortola, Coco sells a variety of young produce plants. Seen above, the storyteller also offers a mixture of seasonal fresh fruits directly from his personal nursery. Have you ever used a calabash bowl? Share in the comments or send over a picture! Image Credit: Din Hen
Weekend Strolls, Pickering
Mr. Pickering, another elder who supplies food security to the Virgin Islands territory is pictured here with a long time customer Mr. Penn. His fruit orchard suffered extensive damages in 2017. He shared a vivid story of pulling up roots from a beheaded coconut tree 25ft from stalk! A site that still litters the island as 200+ winds snapped trees in half.
Image Credit: Din Hen
Calabash, Red Mangrove Roots
Celebrating Roots on the red mangrove propagules! Planting dates will be provided soon! Great opportunity to get community service credits for local student volunteers.
Image Credit: Din Hen

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